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The Long-Awaited Sequel to The Temple of the Blind series!

Cover Image for The Lady of Cedric's Cove
It’s been five years since six extraordinary people returned home from the otherworldly depths of the Temple of the Blind. Life has gone on. The nightmares within those dark passageways and beneath the empty, black sky of the Wood have faded with time. In fact, it’s a gloriously happy day in Briar Hills as everyone gathers for a long-awaited wedding. But unknown to them, strange events have been transpiring since they opened the doorway atop the burning mountain and an unstoppable series of events has been set in motion.

After a fateful encounter with a handsome stranger takes an unexpected and dangerous turn, Andrea finds herself in possession of a mysterious package, not so unlike a certain box that once made its way to Albert. Now she’s being stalked by a killer and Nicole has gone missing. Before she knows it, she’s on the run from unspeakable things and trying to find the location of a mysterious, Great Lakes city with a curious habit of wandering around. The world seems to have gone utterly mad, and she’s caught in the very middle of it!

The Temple of the Blind was only the beginning…

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