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Misplaced in Mysteria

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Games Grownups Play…

As their honeymoon winds down, newlyweds Albert and Brandy have one last brief stop in mind before their long drive home to Briar Hills: an out-of-the-way roadside attraction that Brandy insists will be a laugh. How often, after all, did one get a chance to visit a sex museum, of all places? But when things take a weird turn, they quickly find themselves plunged into a strange new world of desire, debauchery and, of all things, magic.

From a perverted party in a gawdy mansion to a sprawling resort hotel with a twisted secret to a monster-infested apocalyptic wasteland, they’ll need all their wits—and some special skills they didn’t know they had—to find the ancient secret hidden away deep inside Wevenwert, Tennessee’s leading honeymoon destination. Emotions have power. And to find what’s waiting for them, they’ll need to learn to harvest that power. Will they be able to walk the line between love and lust in order to awaken their true potential? Or will they be swept away by the all-consuming ruin?

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