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The Denselands

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"Three roads coverge in the black depths of the Wood..."

Twelve travelers, torn from their ordinary lives and cast into a perilous quest to open an ancient and mysterious doorway, are crossing the near-infinite expanse of a lifeless, black wilderness, making their way Deep into the heart of the nightmarish Wood. Their destination: an anomaly of existence, a region of bygone reality so twisted and warped that the very concepts of time and space, life and death, madness and sanity, are fractured.

These are the Denselands, where the air hangs heavy with the weight of countless dead worlds and reality, itself, bends and breaks against the push and pull of empty eternity. Littered with the rotting remnants of societies long crumbled and forgotten and crawling with unnatural abominations, it has been the hellish final destination for countless forsaken souls across its unfathomable existence, a place no one ever leaves, not even in death.

And yet, somewhere in the maddening, unending darkness, three gates stand locked, awaiting the arrival of three ancient keys said to carry whispers from a time beyond memory…whispers of a grand mechanization…whispers of hope against a dying future…

Can this mismatched dozen complete the trials laid out before them and reach the gateways deep within the black madness of this infernal wasteland, or will they fall to the monstrous forces seeking to stop them and break the cycle forever?

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