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Available Now! Book 2 in THE TEMPLE OF THE THREE WHISPERS series!

Cover Image for The Lady of Cedric's Cove
Where the Never-Children Play…

Wayne’s never been a fan of family gatherings. And they haven’t become any better now that he’s grown up and moved away. All he wants to do is go home and spend the precious few remaining hours of the weekend with his lovely fiancée, Olivia. But a disturbing revelation about the accident that nearly took his life when he was a child is only the first in a series of unpleasant surprises waiting for him this hot July night.

Before he knows it, he and Olivia are swept up in a dangerous, hundred-year-old mystery deep in a remote wilderness the locals have dubbed “Gutler’s Weep,” where the very landscape rearranges itself, dead things don’t stay dead and ghostly children stalk unwary trespassers. What happened in this forest so long ago that broke the very foundations of reality? And what does it all have to do with the Temple of the Blind?

To find out, they’ll have to seek out the Circles in Hermes’ Footsteps.

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