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Gallery of Dark Imaginings

All of my published work can be found here, listed in order by their respective series. Click on any cover image to visit that book's individual page. There, you'll find summaries, excerpts and links for purchasing.


"Eric Fortrell lived a perfectly unremarkable life until he happened to have a very extraordinary dream."

The Rushed series is the ongoing story of Eric and his unwilling adventures with "the weird." Eric would like nothing more than to keep living his normal life as a happily married high school English teacher, but strange forces seem to have other plans for him. Follow along as he discovers that the world is full of weird things wondrous and terrible and everything inbetween.

The Temple of the Blind
"It was just a stupid, wooden box..."

The Temple of the Blind series begins with a mysterious wooden box and unravels into an epic adventure into the depths of a terrifying labyrinth and beyond the very boundaries of our world.

The Temple
of the
Three Whispers
"There's more than one temple..."

Picking up five years after the events of The Temple of the Blind series, The Temple of the Three Whispers begins with a long-awaited wedding and then spirals into a terrifying series of otherworldly events that reach well beyond the limits of our own world..

Hands of the Architects
Hear No Evil... See No Evil...

The Hands of the Architects trilogy unites two young strangers thrust into a terrifying quest to locate ancient artifacts said to contain the power to craft or destroy an entire universe.

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